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Uses of Hypnosis


Phobias vary. For you it may be spiders, or it could be flying, birds, dentists, bees, lifts. It can impact on life, hinder progress and restrict opportunities. When fear leads to avoidance, hypnotherapy can gently help you move forward and overcome restrictive patterns of thinking .

Self Esteem and Confidence

Self esteem and confidence are areas in which hypnotherapy can also bring about beneficial change. Together with a range of specific techniques, issues can be overcome, from public speaking, exam nerves and performance anxiety, to achieving personal goals and getting more out of life.

Health Improvement

Hypnotherapy can help change the way a health issue is affecting how you view life in general. In some cases a preoccupation can come about from an associated lack of self-esteem. Smoking cessation and weight management are areas commonly and often successfully treated. 

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